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Well, I am writing with a heavy heart today, its been almost 1 week that I have written or blogged anything…..

Life just showed up, I was not ready, they say, smell the roses , and life’s too short and live everyday like its your last, but how many of us take that into consideration and really pay attention or follow it religiously.. I know I did not. I was occupied, preoccupied, chasing the next buck, the next better job, or the next home… I did not mend fences of life, did not slow down to smell the roses , I was so sure I had time, tomorrow… the freaking dreaded tomorrow.. now I despise that word and it’s concept, I hate everything about it… why shouldn’t I ..?

I feel nauseous, messed up and raw. My inside feels like a huge boulder sitting on my chest and not moving, I want to just to hide, run away, or just die….

My poor dad was in the hospital, and he left us, my most important person in life after God, initially I felt angry at Jesus for taking him away from us. On my goals board at Home, I said Dad healthy and home on March 5th, My dad left on March third , ample time to make it home to be with God. They say don’t ask for something your not ready to receive… its true…


I love You dad..




Is Good to be fast or careful…

Fenugreek, why A Must

I grew up eating Fenugreek, mo would soak a handful in water and next morning, you hold your nose and drink the water, and throw the seeds in lentil curry or smoothie.

Now a Five best Reasons to Be Fenugreek Greking:

  1. Take Fenugreek seeds and place them in a cup, add hot water and let it sit for fifteen minutes, then drink the water , or grab a handful of seeds and put it your mounts and swallow with water. This will strip the fat off of the arteries, reducing Cholesterol.
  2. It reduces Weight Mass, in other. Words bloating , helping in Stomach disorders.
  3. The seeds are all fiber, thus reducing appetite, it’s a suppressant.
  4. It’s live by Romans and Greeks is not hidden, they gave it to Cattle , called it Greek Hay, which enhance milk production
  5. Great for constipation, the seeds swell up in water and enable waste production

Use it daily and see the difference in your health

  • Why NO -GMO

    Foods with GMO are so dangerous, it affects your mood, health, Thyroid Gland , increase in Belly Fat and Zi can go on and on.

    Five Foods to Stay away from:

    1. ๐Ÿฅœ PEANUTS / All Nuts, unless organic: very high in Cholesterol, and GMO
    2. CORN: Can you say full of GMO, and sugar
    3. TOMATOES ๐Ÿ… : GMO
    4. CANOLA OIL it’s again GMO
    5. All Meat Cheese, Dairy: Amimal fed GMO Feed.

    Eat all NON – GMO, otherwise you keep your self open to :

    2. ThROID Imbalance
    3. Causes INFLAMMATION
    4. Caused INFERTILITY
    5. Caused CANCER

    Let’s hope this information helps you chose better and put your health first , without your health you nothing.

    Please share with me your thoughts.

    How I lost My Belly Fat in 1 Week

    I know this may sound corny but it’s true. You can loose belly fat this way the fastest..

    Foods to cut out:

    1. Dairy
    2. Sugars
    3. Grains

    Again, I want to reiterate, when I say Daily, I mean all cheese, milk, and yogurt.

    A misconception of folks on yogurt is it’s a healthy food. No , way, Yogurt is full of sugars, with hardly any nutritional value, even the good bacteria ๐Ÿฆ  you need is slain by all the glucose, or any sugars ending in cose. When I mention Sugars , I really mean it. No Sugars whatsoever. No on deserts, cookies, cakes, sugary fruits, like watermelon, cut out all of it, even your wine, alcohol has tons of sugar.

    Best way I did it, I cleaned my fridge and a Pantry, got a big garbage bag and started throwing. It was very therapeutic, and was gave me the incentive to clean ๐Ÿงผ my life and get it in order.

    Now comes the hardest one, Grains, it does not matter even if it’s brown rice or Quinoa, alls gotta go. Try this for two weeks, then six months and once all cleaned you can bring a few of the items back in your diet.

    This will enable all stomach and gut issues to disappear. No more gas, pain or constant belching, no heat burns ๐Ÿฅต or diarrhea. Image just a goat belly, and regular bowl movements, well don’t image just DO IT, Your body and life is that important, NO , YOUR WORTH IT

    How to See if your Healthy?

    My Test:

    This is very unsophisticated way of checking to see if your healthy , and there are a lot of factors considered.

    Listed below are factors

    1. When do you eat dinner
    2. What do you eat
    3. What do you eat al day( list of foods)
    4. Do you fast
    5. When do you eat your First meal( time of day, and what you eat before and in between)
    6. When you eat your last meal Dinner and what you eat after, before you go to sleep
    7. Now this a silly one but pretty interested, when you go number two, does it float or sink ?

    If it sinks your not healthy.

    A very simple way to know right away if your healthy.

    Spinach: A Healthy Vegetable or Just Grass?

    Spinach is very green leafy vegetables similar to that of Kale. It is rich In nutrients and Chlorophyll . It’s probably one of the lowest caloric vegetables ๐Ÿ… used extensively In salads, wraps and Pizza.

    Listed below is my Fave Spinach Dip


      One 8 Oz bag of fresh washed leafy Green Spinach
      1 8 Oz Packet of Vegetable seasoning/ Knors
      1 8 Oz can of water Chestnuts
      1 8 Oz jar of All natural Mayo
      1 8 Oz of 100% Sour Cream
      3 diced Thai Chili’s
      1 teaspoon crushed black pepper
      1 cup diced Green Onions onions

    Get a 16 Oz Deep fish , pour in Spinach, finely grated Chestnuts and rest of the ingredients, add green onions last.

    Goes great with crackers and sourdough bread ๐Ÿฅ– pieces

    Chili ๐ŸŒถ Chili ๐ŸŒถ & Chili ๐ŸŒถ

    Why eat Chili ๐ŸŒถ

    1. They are great for loosing weight. Growing up , we were always fed Spicy ๐Ÿฅต meals… As kids we were told Chili’s heal broken bones, nausea, and inflammation. We just agreed with Parents and did as told. Once I was of age , I stopped eating Spicy foods, and realized you can put on a few pounds. Chili burns fat, how? Good question. Chili contains a chemical known as Capsaicin, it reduces calorie intake and keeps you skinny.
    2. Chilies are do hot that the extract of Chili can be used as a spray ( Pepper Spray). Oleoresins Capsicum, chili extract , very potent
    3. It helps men in reducing the size of Prostrate Glands. Studies have shown men who eat Chili frequently do not get cancer due to the enlargement of Prostrate Gland, Stomach or throat, this is for the entire population
    4. Chili is an Aphrodisiac, instead of going out on a date, spending money, make a meal at home with Chili, and job done, though lots of you out there will not agree with me.
    5. Promotes Healthy Heart, they are rich in vitamins and minerals , enables oxygen intake to the blood
    6. Most folks may not prefer this amazing gift of small package , Though Ghost Pepper, Habanero,ย  and Thai Chili’s are some of the most hot and deadly papers , even Jalapenos peppers are pretty tasty in fresh “Guack.”

    Check out Below For Yummy Guacamole’s Recipe

    1. 3-5 huge fresh Avocados
    2. A bunch of Cilantro
    3. 3 diced Jalapenos
    4. 1/2 Teaspoon of Pink Himalayan Salt
    5. 1 Tablespoon ground black pepper
    6. 1/2 diced White Onion
    7. 1 Thai Chili for extra heat

    Mix it together and puree, or just blend

    Great with Chips , Celery Sticks, Multigrain Crackers, or Tacos

    Share your recipes of Tantalizing Avocados Dip with your favorite Pepper

    Seventy Five Percent of the Battle is in the Kitchen

    I think most of us can not loose weight due to a very simple reason: Kitchen. You may ask why Kitchen, easy, what we eat when we are not watching. We tend to nibble or graze, both great qualities, since on any weight loss we are constantly reminded portion control… eat more times a day but less, don’t eat all your food at supper and go to bed. I was told by one of my clients that he can not sleep unless his stomach is full. How to rectify this?

    Buy Groceries when your not hungry , keep only healthy food in the home, no ice cream, no candy bars, no processed sugar. Fresh vegetables ๐ŸŒฝ NO GMO based foods , nuts& grains.

    Wake up a little early and pack a lunch ๐Ÿฅ— or do it the night before, great place for left overs. This is my trick: Eat like a king in the morning, Eat like a Prince at Lunch and Eat like a Pauper at night. Very Easy way to loose weight. Pack lots of foods that contain seventy five percent water to nibble on, suggestions: cucumbers, celery, multi-grain crackers total of three to five during the day, Bell Peppers, small sweet ones, Radishes, papayas, Apples, mangos and any Citrus fruit, cuties are a big plus.

    My trick, to eat MUFAS with every meal, what’s MUFAS? Mono- unsaturated Foods. They are : olives, avocados, Chocolate, oils, for dressing, Olive, cashew and peanut. These food help I’m loosing the belly fat, throw a few in every meal and let me know.

    Write-and share your thoughts….