Welcome to starting your rocking business ….

A Message from Bloggerjee:

I started all this in 2013, but did see results initially, so  now back to doing  what is my passion: Loving what I do, doing what I love and if I would do it for free that’s my Calling..

Want to own your own business, tired of working for something you can not leave a legacy,,,,

My story , in two shakes.. Started a business / high tech, in 2003, working with Intel, over 15 years.. Now helping others to do the same


I want to hear from you..

Start a cooking blogging site , lets do it together..

Tell me about you?


How to start your business

  • Find your passion/ Something you love love, love
  • The thing you would do for free
  • How to monetize that
  • How to help Others do the same
  • How to break all Boundaries
  • Don’t stop till you Succeed
  • Failure is the first cousin to Success

Food Consulting, Social media, Videos on you tube Or high tech.. Speaking from Experience..E books and classes coming soon..Stay tunes.