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Everyday we will interest you with something new. Today we are starting with a spice

Superior Ginger:

Ginger The Power Herb

Recipe: Moms Recipe I grew up with.

1 Teaspoon of crushed powdered Turmeric root, preferably fresh
1 Teaspoon of grounded Ginger root, Strained
1/2 Teaspoon of Honey
2 Cups of warm Milk

Place all In blender and blend it, pour it out in cup and serve or serve as a daily morning or night smoothie before retiring.

Why Choose Ginger In Healthy Eating

Why Ginger is Superior:

  • Helps with Nausea & Morning sickness, in tea form, or just juice
  • Boosts Immune system, cooking daily with Ginger
  • Blood Issues, its juice helps circulation, CONTAINS Potassium, Manganese and iron
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Proven through history that Ginger like Turmeric, is anti-inflammatory due to Gingerol, chemical
  • Fights Infection: fights against RSV Virus

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